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Adoption is the legal process that permanently gives the adoptive parents legal parental rights over a child. The attorneys at Koslosky & Koslosky understand that adoption is a special and happy event that, at times, can very stressful. We provide our clients with a caring and professional environment that is supportive of their needs as they work through the adoptive process. We understand that a high degree of sensitivity is critical to the many complex and emotional issues involved within adoption. 

Koslosky & Koslosky assists clients to successfully adopt children throughout the communities located in Oneida County, Madison County, Onondaga County, Oswego County, Jefferson County, Lewis County, Herkimer County and Chenango County. 

Koslosky & Koslosky concentrates of the following types of adoptions: 

Private Adoptions: Adoptions arranged directly between birth parents and a specific family; 

Agency Adoptions: Adoptions through state, county or private   adoption agencies; 

International Adoptions: Adoptions for families that wish to adopt a child from another country; 

Stepparent Adoptions: Adoptions when a stepparent wishes to become the adoptive parent of their spouse’s biological children; 

Contested Adoptions: A situation where a person is close to a child--- usually the biological parent, the foster parent, or a relative of the child--- is opposed to an adoption and decides to contest the adoption in court; 

Single Parent Adoptions: Adoptions involving only one parent; 

Same Sex Adoptions: Adoptions involving a couple of the same sex, i.e. domestic partners; and 

Adult --- Adult Adoptions: Adoptions involving an adult adopting another adult;  

Interstate Adoptions: Adoptions which deal with obtaining children from different states and which are governed by the Interstate Compact on Placement of Children (ICPC); and 

Foreign Re-Adoptions: Adoptions which occur in New York State after adoption has occurred under the laws of a foreign nation. This adoption provides an additional level of legal protection for the child and the adoptive parent(s). 

Clients who retain the professional legal services of Koslosky & Koslosky will obtain competent, caring and conscientious attorneys who will provide the full range of services required in the adoption process; specifically:

  • Explaining the adoption process so you understand exactly what is taking place from start to finalization; 
  • Making sure that the adoption is handled in the right way;
  • Helping prospective adoptive parents work through the emotional “highs & lows” often associated with adopting a child, especially when an adoption is contested by another party;
  • Prepare all petitions, affidavits, orders and related documents;
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of “Adoption Agreements” that specify what type of contact may exist between a birth parent(s) and the child after an adoption is finalized.  We will only extend such service if such an agreement is in the child’s best interest and consistent with the informed decision of the adoptive parent(s);
  • Make sure that the legal rights of the biological parent(s) are terminated; and
  • Obtain a new Birth Certificate for the adoptive person.

The adoption process can be an experience filled with difficult and complex issues to face and resolve. Koslosky & Koslosky have earned a reputation of extending high quality legal representation to clients in adoptions. You, and your child, deserve the best. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at either  (315) 724-5477 or wlk@kosloskylaw.com. All inquiries are Confidential.