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Child Support

New York law requires that both parents provide financial support for their children. The law states that both parents must share in the financial responsibility of raising their children until the children reach the age of 21, or are sooner emancipated under certain very specific situations. 

Generally, child support is based upon the incomes of both parents and which parent has actual primary physical custody of the children. State guidelines determine the amount of “basic” or weekly child support that a court will order a non-custodial parent to pay to the custodial parent, based on a percentage of income. The amount of the percentage (i.e., 17%, 25%, 29%, etc.) varies with the number of children to be supported. 

Koslosky & Koslosky has actively helped many clients get the child support they need and deserve to raise their children. We have also protected many clients from having court impose increased amounts of child support in situations where the custodial parent fails to demonstrate a real need or a significant change of circumstances. 

Koslosky & Koslosky provides quality legal representation to clients seeking an initial child support order as well as obtaining increases in existing orders of support in cases where upward modification is authorized by law. We protect our clients in every aspect of child support, including enforcement of orders concerning parents who refuse to pay and refuse to obey court orders. 

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