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Juvenile Defense

Children are inexperienced and often do not comprehend the repercussions of their actions until it is too late. Juvenile delinquency can cause immediate and irreparable harm on your child's future. In certain instances, a juvenile record can interfere with your child's admission to the college of their choice and in their ability to acquire many jobs. Koslosky & Koslosky have an extensive track record of representing youth in juvenile delinquency cases in Family Court as well as person in need of supervision (PINS) cases in Family Court.

Juvenile law deals with crimes committed by children between the ages of 8 to 16. In Upstate New York, each county has the authority and responsibility to prosecute juveniles under Article 3 of the Family Court Act. County Attorneys are the paid public officials who will prosecute your son, daughter or grandchild to obtain a conviction. County Attorneys will prosecute all types of crimes committed by children, from traffic violations to felonies including, but not limited to, burglary, trespass, criminal possession of stolen property, sexual abuse, rape, assault, drug possession, etc. If your child has been charged with a crime, it is essential that you seek legal counsel from an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney at once so that you can preserve his or her rights and future.

Children involved in New York Family Court matters have many of the same rights their parents would have if they were accused of a crime. These rights include the right to remain silent, the right to cross-examine witnesses against them, to call witnesses, and the right to be represented by an attorney of their choice. Juveniles often have additional rights - in most states, juvenile court records are not open to the public, but are sealed, so that no one will be able to learn about a juvenile record. Koslosky & Koslosky will explain the practices and plan a defense to protect your son or daughter.

More is at stake in juvenile crime than just a fine or court ordered supervision.  Once your child is being considered for prosecution by the County Attorney or by aggressive law enforcement personnel, efforts will be taken to secure confessions and waiver of extremely important legal rights by the parent or child. Koslosky & Koslosky understands how law enforcement personnel and County Attorneys think and act, and we know what the law permits and prohibits.

Koslosky & Koslosky firmly believe in adhering to the law, and we demand that the law is followed by law enforcement personnel, County Attorneys and judges.

Koslosky & Koslosky will always provide aggressive, competent and zealous legal representation to our juvenile clients. No deals will be made to the detriment of the client and no deal will ever be made unless the client fully understand and agrees to all of the terms. If a negotiated settlement or plea arrangement cannot be made, we welcome trial. Remember: Every Juvenile is Presumed Innocent and the County Attorney must prove all cases beyond a reasonable doubt.

Any adjudication (conviction) against your son or daughter can result in probation, mandatory community service, restitution or placement in a non-secure social services foster care home or within the Office of Children & Family Services secure facility for an initial period of 18 months, plus possible 12 month extensions each year.

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